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Self Study Hungarian

To order our learning material please click on the button below each item. You will receive a good quality pdf file. This can be used digitally on any device or you can print it out.

Prices are provided in Euro's. Paying in HUF is also possible. Prices include taxes and an invoice can be sent to you if requested.


Complete course Step 1

The first lessons help you get acquainted with the Hungarian language. It starts with the absolute basics. You do not need any specific prior education to start the lessons.

€ 75
paper book incl. shipping costs

Complete course Step 2

The next step te learn Hungarian. We immerse ourself in the basics of the Hungarian grammar. We practice with situations, exercise and learn new vocabulary.

€ 75
paper book incl. shipping costs

Complete course Step 3

From lesson 11 we expand the basic knowledge. We learn how to order in a restaurant, how we spend our spare time, words about the human body and about the family.

€ 75
paper book incl. shipping costs

Complete course Step 4

In lessons 16 to 20 we build on the basic grammar and we learn about clothing, daily activities, asking for directions and describing people.

€ 75
paper book incl. shipping costs

Terms of use

The e-books are only intended for personal use. You are prohibited from copying, selling, distributing, transmitting, translating, distributing, displaying, reproducing, publishing, renting, leasing, licensing, sublicensing, or otherwise transferring the e-book in whole or in part.

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