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To order our learning material please click on the button below each item. You will receive a good quality pdf file. This can be used digitally on any device or you can print it out.

Prices are provided in Euro's. Paying in HUF is also possible. Prices include taxes and an invoice can be sent to you if requested.

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A1 Lesson 1-5

The first lessons will help you get to know the Hungarian language. They are easy and start from absoulte beginner's level. You do not need any specific prior knowledge to start the lessons.

€ 10

A1 Lesson 6-10

The next step after the first 5 lessons. Here we will deepen our understanding of the basics of the Hungarian language. We practice with situations, learn basic grammar and vocabulary.

€ 10

A2 Lesson 11-15

From lesson 11 we will expand the basic knowledge of the Hungarian language. We learn how to order in a restaurant, about leisure activities, the human body and a lot of words about family,

€ 10

A2 Lesson 16-20

In the lessons from 16 to 20 we build on the basic concepts of Hungarian and we are learning about clothing, daily activities, asking directions and describing people.

€ 10

Lesson 1

In this lesson we start with the basic concepts of the Hungarian language: pronunciation and spelling, the plural, the verb 'to be' and the basic vocabulary: nationalities, colours and jobs. We practice the learned vocabulary in everyday situations.

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Lesson 2

In the second lesson we learn about the numbers, the verb 'come' and the first suffix of location. The vocabulary in this lesson is food.

€ 3
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Lesson 3

In the third lesson we continue with the location and we learn the first verbs. Vocabulary contains the basic adjectievs. We also practice in everyday situations.

€ 3

Lesson 4

The fourth lesson tells a bit more about expressing the location, the verb 'go' and we learn how to say the time, the days of the week in Hungarian.

€ 3

Lesson 5

The fifth lesson contains the verb conjugation, the ordinal numbers, the expression of date, and 'here and there'. We practice in everyday situations again.

€ 3

Lesson 6

In the sixth lesson we learn the expression 'there is / there is not', the demonstrative pronouns (this / that) and some more of the location suffixes. The vocabulary is: the house.

€ 3

Terms of use

The e-books are only intended for personal use. You are prohibited from copying, selling, distributing, transmitting, translating, distributing, displaying, reproducing, publishing, renting, leasing, licensing, sublicensing, or otherwise transferring the e-book in whole or in part.

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