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Online Learning

Students can enjoy face-to-face language learning with native speakers thanks to Skype and FaceTime. Get speaking to classes around the world, the opportunities are endless.


You only need a computer, internet connection and we can Skype or FaceTime at a convenient time.



Maximum flexibility


  • Individual schedule.

  • 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, everything is possible.

  • You learn from home or from wherever you are.

  • So often how that suits you.

  • You determine how much you study.

Customized Learning 


  • One student - one teacher.

  • 100 % personalized.

  • What you get is what you need.

  • Self study according to your needs.

  • Individual exercises which fit your interest.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning


  • What type of student are you?

  • What are your strong skills and what are your weaknesses in learning?

  • What do you need the language for?

  • What do you want to achieve?

  • What methods and exercises do you prefer?

  • What are your interests?

  • How do you want to learn?

All Aspects of Language Learning


  • Grammar and exercises

  • Conversation

  • Reading

  • Listening

  • Writting skills

  • Vocabulary

Online Lessons
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