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My name is Andrea Schönberger. I am originally a language teacher. I worked for years in a university giving Hungarian language lessons to foreigners and then in an office as an IT professional. 


In my practice I give language lessons with great pleasure, I create programs for online training courses, I coach people with various issues and I use my creativity to create websites.

Andrea Schönberger

trainer, coach and webdesigner

All learning material on this site is built up according to the following principles: 

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Learning area's


I was born in Budapest (1974) and my native language is Hungarian. Sinds the elementary school I had a love for languages ​​and especially for grammar. After high school I went to study language and literature at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. From my second year I also took Hungarian as a second language and learned very specifically how to teach Hungarian as a second language.


In 1996 I started to teach Hungarian for foreigners at the intensive course at the university. This was a fantastic time that I really enjoyed and also learned a lot from. In my class there were regularly more than 6-7 different nationalities, so I was able to pay close attention to how different cultures can be and how different we all think. In addition, I understood the importance of a well-designed method, especially that it should be clear, in small pieces, step by step, built up from simple to more difficult and in a logical order.


In 1999 I moved to the Netherlands with my Dutch partner. I have lived here ever since. Because I have experienced what it is like to move to another country and have been confronted with a new language, I can now guide my students who are experiencing the same while trying to learn Hungarian and live in Hungary.


In the last more that 20 years I have studied the available language books for Hungarian and have picked out the best of everything to create a well learnable method. Through a lot of experience, a thorough selection and new ideas, now I have an extensive amount of learning materials needed to learn Hungarian. With a lot of fun, enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility I also guide people who want to learn Hungarian. I always work tailor-made and adapted to the needs of the individual students.

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