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On this page you will find an example of the different learning materials of the Hungarian language.


Click on the button at the bottom of the different parts and view the sample PDF .


Szókincstár kezdő

Check out the first 4 topics of the basic Hungarian words with a lot of fun images. An easy way to work on your vocabulary from absolutely basis level.

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Szókincstár kezdő gyakorlatok

Want to practice vocabulary on paper? Use this printable pdf to write down all the basic words that are collected in Szókincstár.


Audio recordings

Audio Szókincstár kezdő

Download a zip file and listen to the words of all 30 thema's van de Picture Dictionary in Hungarian.

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Grammar with explanation - first chapters

View the first pages of a complete grammar book here. The book contains the basic grammar of the Hungarian language with short, clear explanations.

Grammar and exercise book A1 21.55.01.png

Grammar and Exercise Book

Download the first pages of the grammar together with the corresponding exercises..


Tématár - exercises

Download the first pages of the thematical exercises..

About the author


The author is originally a language teacher. She worked at a university giving Hungarian lessons for foreigners, then in an office as an IT specialist. She enjoys giving language lessons, makes programs for online training, works as a coach and indulges her creativity in creating websites and social media designs.

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