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Accelerating Digital 
Business Transformation

Team Resilience

Team Resilience is entirely specialized in high-speed development of enterprise applications with the OutSystems low-code platform, unlocking its full potential and power. 

Our mission is to help clients to be the digital leaders of tomorrow, providing fast and resilient application innovation while leveraging existing IT investments.

The choice of Team Resilience for OutSystems is deliberate as, in our view, there is only so much one can be really good at. In our case it’s the OutSystems low-code platform.

So what is low-code? It is a way to design and develop software fast and with minimal hand-coding. It enables skilled people to deliver value much more quickly and reliably.  Developers skip all the infrastructure and re-implementation of patterns that can bog them down and go straight to the unique part of an application (sometimes only 10% of all code). To get an idea, watch this 2 min video.

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