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Our Vision

A low-code platform is a crucial condition for successful digital business transformation. In our vision that’s not enough though.

In the wrong hands and with the wrong approach the vast power of low-code platforms can also be misused, leading to applications with for example maintainability or performance issues. 

Computer Store

In our view, real success requires at least three things:

Expert level OutSystems knowledge in order to unlock the full potential, speed and integration capabilities of the platform

From the start, a solid IT architecture design to make sure that application landscapes are created with the highest level of resilience: easy to maintain and expand, highly scalable and with great performance

Effective Engagement Management, to ensure successful and continuous delivery of state-of-the-art business applications

Computer Software Guidance

At Team Resilience, based on decades of relevant experience, we are specialized to deliver expertise in all these three areas in one integrated approach.

In short: the combination of OutSystems software and Team Resilience services enable organizations to really capitalize on the promise of low-code, escaping the vicious cycle of ever increasing IT legacy maintenance efforts and insufficient innovation capabilities. 


Does development of easy to use, engaging and smart enterprise applications, at the speed of innovation sound too good to be true?


Try us and be surprised.

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