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In order to deliver tangible results fast, we have developed a solution approach that balances customer business value, technology results and future proof architecture.

Analyzing the Markets

This approach consists of three specific steps:


Quick scan of the application landscape to identify area for first increment.


In parallel we run a demo-sprint to showcase the power of the OutSystems platform.



Determine Minimal Viable Product (MVP) and the Foundation Architecture.


In parallel we set up an effective governance structure with the customer.


Build first increment.

In parallel the Product Delivery Plan for subsequent increments is defined with the customer.

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Integration approach with existing IT systems is part of the Product Delivery Plan.


Team Resilience offers customers support for the full application life cycle.

Our delivery strategy is based on dedicated agile teams, covering user story specification, user experience (UX) design, IT-architecture, development, testing and deployment.

A typical development team consists of:

Expert OutSystems Technical Leads

Certified nearshore professionals

Young IT talents trained by

Team Resilience

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